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I've been getting back into cooking meals lately now that Ian is on a more predictable (and manageable) schedule. I've also been using myfitnesspal again, though not 100% of the time... mostly as a way to remind myself how many calories I'm consuming because I have a tendency to snack a lot. It's helping me control that a bit better.

Anyway, I am always curious about other people's favorite recipes and thought I'd share mine here. These are staples in my house, and since having kids I tend to favor recipes that are quick and easy. Most of these are!

In no particular order.......

Italian sausage tortellini
This was a great way to take a quick dinner and make it tastier, with only just a little bit of effort. The only thing I do differently is replace the cream with half & half or milk (and flour). I don't use heavy cream very often.

Crockpot butter chicken
I had my reservations but this is a great recipe! I add fenugreek, because I can't have butter chicken without adding it. I also add a bit of ketchup at the very end to give it a bit of sweetness and enhance the flavor (I saw an indian chef do it once and now I generally add it in).

Chicken & couscous
This is a super quick dinner, you just need to remember to buy the rotisserie chicken! I switch up the veggies depending on what I'm in the mood for (usually it's just onions & red bell peppers).

Roasted poblano & corn soup
I change a few things in this recipe depending on the amount of time I have: sometimes I don't roast the peppers, sometimes I use different peppers. Sometimes I use onions instead of leeks. I usually do add in a bit of cheddar cheese at the end, too. Trader joes frozen roasted corn is great for this recipe!

Spicy sausage pasta
I don't bother with putting this in the oven at the end. I just do entirely stovetop. I didn't think I'd like the turkey smoked sausage, but it's good! I add a little more pasta than it calls for, as well.

Meatballs and spaghetti
My favorite. The sauce is lovely (although I find it serves 4 rather than 6). As for the meatballs: I skip the veal and just use 1/2 beef 1/2 pork, I don't make my own breadcrumbs, I add garlic but skip parsley. I'm not a big fan of parsley.

And when I don't eat cereal or yogurt for breakfast, I'll make this-
Peanut butter overnight oats
I like these overnight oats a lot, especially if I add some mini chocolate chips. It can be high in calories though if you add too many mix-ins though. I only eat 1/2 to 3/4 of a serving and it fills me up for a while.
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*brushes cobwebs off journal*

I keep meaning to post an "Hey long time no see, this is what has been happening" post but then I get bogged down with the idea of writing out what the past year or two of my life has been like... then I give up.

SO I'm just going to skip all that for now and share this link for anyone that may find themselves interested in running. Jogging. Walking. Crawling. Really whatever your mode of running is, if you'd like more of it ;)


Basically it's a schedule of sorts to "train" you to work up to running a 5k. It's really been a goal of mine for nearly 3 years to run at least a 5k. This is coming from someone who has never been able to RUN in her life. I could sprint, once upon a time. But running any sort of distance has always been hell. I did manage to work myself up to running 2 miles (veryyy slowly), but then caught a nasty flu virus that knocked me out for nearly 2 weeks. By then, I felt like I was starting over. So my enthusiam sort of died there.

BUT the weather is starting to beckon me outside again, and I find myself wanting to lace up my sneakers and get back that endurance. So I plan on trying this schedule to hopefully prep me for a 5k in a few months or so. June/July. I figured writing it down somewhere would give me some sort of accountability :3

I have been walking a lot lately, and jumping on my mini trampoline, and generally trying to maintain a certain level of activity.. but I haven't actually ran in a while. We'll see how it goes!

I got a fitbit, finally, so if anyone uses theirs and would like to add me, my email is rosner.jm@gmail.com

ALSO if you've never read the Oatmeal's (kind of long) comic on running....... you should. It's great.
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[guac] focus.

So yesterday I posted my green monster smoothie, which I am planning on making again today for lunch! If you like peanut butter, I recommend trying it... tastes like PB/banana, can't really taste the spinach at all :3

Anyway.. when I was using myfitnesspal [I still like it for monitoring my intake of certain nutrients] I made some recipes for some foods or snacks I like to eat. I thought I could focus on ~1 recipe per day and focus on the HEALTH aspect of it. I think this might help others make smarter food choices, and it will also help remind me of making my own smart food choices :P **

If you like savory and salty, but want something healthy? Go for guacamole - the trick is making sure you buy tortilla chips that are not loaded with salt! Sometimes you don't need to add ANY salt to guac because the chips are salty enough. Here's my recipe:

Since guac tends to go bad quick, I usually make 1 serving, aka use 1 small avocado. It's not difficult to make at all - throw all of the ingredients together in a small blender, food processor, or mash it by hand. ( * If you DO add salt, don't add more than 1/4 tsp for 2 avocados - sodium goes from 23 to 219 mg per serving, which isn't too bad, but if you're really watching your intake, do a taste test before adding salt)

Avocados scare some people because they see the word "FAT" in relation - but avocados have healthy fats that are good for your heart and help lower your cholesterol levels. That's great! Maybe you'd like to know how it helps to lower cholesterol?

There are TWO types of cholesterol that matter - LDL and HDL. If you've ever had your cholesterol checked [and you should] you might recognize those. LDL is your "bad" cholesterol - too much of this type can form plaque on your arteries and lead to things like CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE, HEART ATTACKS, or STROKES. Many fast foods are guilty of containing this kind of cholesterol.

HDL is your "good" cholesterol - it helps to clear your blood stream and arterial walls of the LDL, transporting it to your liver to be broken down and eliminated. Increasing HDL and lowering LDL is considered desirable to prevent heart disease and other complications.

What does this have to do with avocados? Those beauties are high in monounsaturated fats, the good fats! They help to decrease your bad cholesterol, and may help to increase the good cholesterol. The plant-based fats here are so much easier for your body to digest than even many foods that claim to be "low-fat". So you don't have to be afraid to eat avocados - the distinction between FAT and WHAT TYPE YOU ARE EATING is very important to your health.

Avocados are tasty outside of guacamole too - throw em on tacos, salads, sandwiches, sushi.. you name it. They are like butter (but better!)

** I think most people on my flist know that I am NOT a registered dietician or nutritionist. I HAVE studied cardiac health, nutrition, and other areas related to health care professionals, but I am by all means still in "training" :P
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tasty salsa recipe.

I make so much food but I rarely post the recipes to share, which isn't nice >:( I made this salsa the other day, and I've made it numerous times before with good results:

(yes that is my dirty kitchen above >.>)

If you love salsa... you should really make your own. ITS AMAZING. So much better than store bought tomato crap in a can (js js) and it's pretty cheap to make, too! The recipe makes plenty :)

The recipe is The Pioneerwoman's Salsa with minor modifications, so I'll just leave the link for those interested. I've made it quite a few times and here's my suggestions, if you decide to try it out:

-The recipe calls for canned tomatoes.. if you're like me you might wonder "Wouldn't fresh be best?" I've used fresh and canned, and honestly, unless you're getting home grown tomatoes during peak tomato season, not really much difference. Skip the effort and cost and just buy the canned stuff.
-I prefer using fire-roasted tomatoes vs. regular variety. I think it gives it just the slightest edge in tomato-y goodness.
-If you're sensitive to heat, I'd get rid of the seeds in the jalapenos. It'll give you a mild salsa. I used a large jalapeno with all the seeds and it was very spicy, just the way I like it - but a bit too spicy for most, I think.
-Modify the salt based on how salty your tortilla chips are. Mine weren't salty at all, and I needed just a bit more salt. Taste and alter as needed.
-I found the consistency to be just slightly too liquid-y for my taste. I use a bit less juice from the canned tomatoes and it works well for me.

I don't think there's anything I love more than delicious salsa. I had half the bowl before I knew what I was doing >.> (Of course, this makes for terrible, terrible pregnancy heartburn argh!)
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friends cut.

I've never done a friends cut, and normally it's not something I care to do. But I have had this journal for too long, so here we go.

I'm primarily deleting any journals that have been inactive for a while, or those that have never commented/or those that I just haven't connected with. No hard feelings, I know I rarely update this thing anyway so if anyone else would like to de-friend me, I won't mind.
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So lots of small things have been happening and I'm sick (again) but I'm taking baby steps to start writing again. I started a blog, donno how dedicated to it I'm going to be but I figure it'd be a nice place to keep my recipes and other things.. that I will post about later... but for now I just wanted to share..


And I posted a recipe for this beautiful creation:

I want to make it again but that'd be the death of me. Lots of love to everyone and hope you are having a beautiful February. I don't like February because I've been sick for most of it but I like the way the name looks. FEBRUARY. Took me ages to finally spell it correctly.
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Chai Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is... comforting.

I've been sick for the past 2 days, and so my craving has been for a bowl of rice pudding (and to listen to Mumford & Sons nonstop but nevermind that).

If you have never had rice pudding, the idea of it might seem unappetizing. But if you like pudding + rice, believe me, together they make happiness. It's like a dessert form of oatmeal :3 For this recipe, I was craving all the flavors of chai tea in my pudding. So that's what I went with!

Chai Rice Pudding
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I'm still away from LJ for the most part, but I need somewhere to post recipes :o I might get a blog started since my lj isn't really organized well.